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Our Capabilities

Infiniti staff excels in careers within the private and government sectors. We’ve taken that knowledge to build the foundation of products and services that are proven commodities in today's market. Our company delivers an array of specialized solutions reflecting the demands of today's intensely competitive, business and technology-reliant marketplace.

Our specialties include:

Professional Services

Infiniti Information Solutions prides itself on delivering quality professional services, including:

  • Acquisition Manangement
  • Administrative Support
  • Training

Technical Services

Our knowledge of current and evolving technologies has allowed us to customize end-to-end technical solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and maximize efficiency and productivity.

  • Web Design and Development
  • Database Development
  • Software Development
  • Help Desk Services
  • Configuration Manangement
  • Data Management

Acquisition Management

Our extensive experience in Acquisition Management includes:

  • Program Management
  • Financial Management / Cost Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Logistics Management

Information Technology Services

We assist our clients with translating strategies into recommendations for selecting and effectively managing their business and technology solutions.

  • Web Application Development
  • Web Content & Site Management
  • Systems Design & Integration
  • Database Management
  • Software & Database Development
  • Visual Communications / Graphic Design
  • Help Desk Support

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Professional Services
Technical Services
Acquisition Management
Information Technology
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